Pool Party

-You may bring food and drinks in for your pool party but it must stay in the concessions stand area only. 

 - No Alcoholic beverages allowed inside the pool or park

-You can invite as many people as you like- Our capacity is 460!

-You can select the music you would like to listen to for your party or we will just play what we normally play during the day- (Only explicit free music will be allowed to be played)

-There will still be a 5 minute safety check on the hour

-If you choose to have a 8pm party you must wait until everyone has left the pool from the day before entering

-Party Rules are the same as our Daily rules.  We will ask party guests to leave our facility if our rules are continuously broken.

1 hour party= $225

2 hour party= $400

Available May Pool Party Dates/Times

Sunday May 26th 8pm

Monday May 27th 8pm

Wednesday May 29th 8pm

Friday May 31st 8pm

Available June Pool Party Dates/Times

Sat June 1- 10am 

Sunday June 2- 10am 

Sunday June 2 8pm

Friday June 7th 8pm

Sat June 8th 10am 

Sat June 8th 8pm

Sun June 9th 10am 

Sun June 9th 8pm 

Monday June 10th 8pm

Friday June 14th 8pm 

Sat June 15th 10am 

Sat June 15th 8pm 

Sunday June 16th 10am 

Sunday June 16th 8pm

Mon June 17th 8pm

Friday June 21st 8pm

Sat June 22nd 10am 

Sat June 22nd 8pm 

Sunday June 23rd 10am 

Sunday June 23rd 8pm 

Monday June 24th 8pm 

Available July Pool Party Dates/Times

Monday July 1 8pm

Wed July 3rd 8pm 

Friday July 5th 8pm 

Sat July 6th 10am 

Sat July 6th 8pm

Sun July 7th 10am 

Sun July 7th 8pm 

Mon July 8th 8pm 

Wed July 10th 8pm 

Friday July 12th 8pm 

Sat July 13th 8pm 

Sun July 7th 10am 

Sun July 7th 8pm 

Sun July 14th 10am

Sun July 14th 8pm

Mon July 15th 8pm 

Wed July 17th 8pm 

Friday July 19th 8pm 

Sat July 20th 8pm

Sun July 21st 10am 

Sun July 21st 8pm 

Mon July 22nd 8pm 

Wed July 24th 8pm 

Fri July 26th 8pm 

Sat July 27th 8pm 

Sun July 28th 10am 

Sun July 28th 8pm 

Mon July 29th 8pm 

Wed July 31st 8pm 

Available August Pool Party Dates/Times

Friday Aug 2nd 8pm 

Sat Aug 3rd 10am 

Sat Aug 3rd 8pm 

Sun Aug 4th 10am 

Sun Aug 4th 8pm 

Mon Aug 5th 8pm 

Wed Aug 7th 8pm 

Fri Aug 9th 8pm 

Sat Aug 10th 10am 

Sat Aug 10th 8pm